We collaborate with third-party, professional services to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale. Our team extends its reach through a network of trusted business and legal experts from many fields.

Professional Partners

In the spirit of innovation, ReImagine Biz has created strategic partnerships that we make readily available to our clients. Whenever it can add value for the client, we involve additional advisers to assist in specific functional areas or on specific projects.

Through our partners, ReImagine clients gain access to law firms to handle essential business matters that impact entrepreneurs daily. Examples such as reviewing contracts, advising on tax incentives and representing you in court (in the event that you are ever sued) are just to name a few. Other key areas of law that our clients have access to includes:

  • HR & Employment
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Debt Collection
  • Asset Management
  • Civil Litigation

In addition to having a powerful legal team in your back pocket, our partners help us to deliver business solutions effectively to CEOs and entrepreneurs from a small to large scale. Our solutions include HR management tools, software development, website analysis tools and an entire host of practical business knowledge you can access at your fingertips.

Global Business Consultants

Our most powerful partnership is with Global Business Consultants (GBC). GBC is a network of business strategists and analysts who are responsible for developing the award-winning, strategic planning software known as StratPlan.

We use StratPlan's 5 Step planning system and widely-used analytical tools to gather pivotal data, which we use to make high-impact business decisions for our clients.

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